Ragnarok Online Monster, RO Monster

Ragnarok Online Monster & RO Monster

When playing Ragnarok Online, you will encounter many different things within the game world. At the top of this list is the Ragnarok Online monster. Monsters are sometimes called “mobs” and they are non-player characters within the game that you attack or kill to gain experience, loot and other benefits. As you level up within the game, you can challenge yourself with a new, higher RO monster. Different zones within the game also have different Ragnarok monsters for you to explore and kill.

The Ragnarok Online monster will typically fit in one of three categories based on size: small size, middle size and great size. Each RO monster can also be of a different race. Some common races include demons, plants, insects, fish, brutes, formless, undead and demi-human. The race of the Ragnarok Online monster can also affect its attributes.

RO monster attributes usually refer to the type of damage or attacks that the monster has. For example, shadow, earth wind and fire are types of attributes that a Ragnarok monster can have. These attributes affect their abilities and what types of attacks they can cast on you. This will also affect how you fight them back and how to win a fight with that particular monster.

So what are these Ragnarok Online monsters called? They vary in appearance just as much as they do in their abilities and they also have different levels and names. Of the small sized, one Ragnarok Online monster is the Am Mut who is a demon that does shadow damage. Others include Beetle King, Beholder, Crap, Dragonfly, Dumpling Child, Leaf Cat, Pupa and more. Some middle sized RO monsters are Alice, Bloody Butterfly, Cruiser, Desert Wolf and Kaho. Finally, some great sized Ragnarok monsters are Ambernite, Evil Druid, Flora, Mya, Pitman, Swordfish and Tengu. This is not a complete list of all monsters found within the game.