Ragnarok Online Homunculus, RO Homunculus

Ragnarok Online Homunculus & RO Homunculus

If you play Ragnarok Online, you may already be familiar with the RO homunculus. This little guy is not exactly a pet but similar to a pet. Minsoo Lee, the lead developer of Ragnarok Online calls it a “middle-character between the two [player characters and non-player characters]” and the Ragnarok Online homunculus comes with a convenient AI modification system.

The RO homunculus is not a pet, although it does have some characteristics of a pet. It can fight for you in the game and it can also be directed or programmed to attack things for you or things by you. This is different from the pet which is more reactive and can not be directed to attack specific things. You can direct your Ragnarok homunculus to attack with ALT + Right mouse button.

So how can you get a Ragnarok Online homunculus? To get one you will need to summon it with a special Alchemist/Creator skill which is obtained through a quest chain. You are also required to have an embryo. Normal healing skills and items will also not work on your RO homunculus. Instead the Alchemist/Creator class has to heal it with a special skill reserved only for this.

There are four basic types of Ragnarok Online homunculi. They are the Amistr, Filir, Lif and Vamilmirth. Once you have chosen a type, you cannot change it unless you delete it and select a new type. Each Raganrok homunculus has two forms it can take. Using ALT + R will open your menu and tell you about your homunculus. You will need to feed it just like with pets and each type takes a different type of food. These are just the basics of the RO homunculus; there is much more to learn once you have one and begin playing with it.