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A Ragnarok Online stat calculator can be very beneficial because every character has basic stats that they start out with and will be able to build on as they level and obtain gear and items. These stats increase your abilities within the game and each class needs certain stats to excel in their own abilities. The basic stats you have in RO are:

Each of these stats has different benefits to your character in the game. They can also vary according to your class type and your character level. A great way to learn more about your stats and the difference they will make in your game is with a Ragnarok Online stat calculator. Your stats will change according to your class and job level so the stat calculator allows you to fill in your own criteria.

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The RO stat calculator is easy to use and involves plugging in certain number to calculate your overall stats. The stat calculator allows you the opportunity to fill in the numbers for the stats and calculate the points and required points needed to achieve that. There are also Ragnarok Online stat calculator simulators that allow you the opportunity to choose what gear and items your character is wearing in every slot and calculate the stats you will have accordingly.

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Your Ragnarok Online stat calculator can be used in different ways. For example, you can use it as a simulator to see what points you would need to achieve certain stats or you can use it to move your stat points around and see what different results you get without actually changing it in-game on your real character.