Ragnarok Online Skill Simulator: Create your dream character

Ragnarok Online Skill Simulator & RO Skill Simulator

Why use a Ragnarok Online Skill Simulator?

Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to have certain skills in Ragnarok Online without waiting for your class to get them? The Ragnarok Online Skill Simulator can help you do this with literally any class in the game without you needing to create the class and level up to figure it out. With an RO skill simulator, you can plan your character’s skills out ahead of time and know where you want to put everything and what abilities you want to have.

How does a RO Skill Simulator work?

First you need to select the class that you want to simulate. Usually this option is available from a drop-down menu. When you choose, it will give you a chart of the skills that this class starts with and the unlockable skills that come with playing the class. It can also tell you what max level you can get the skill at. For example, Hunter’s “Improve Concentration” has a max level of 10. Signup now for FREE!

Ragnarok Skill Simulator: Improve your character!

When you use the Ragnarok Online skill simulator, you can see what skills your class will be able to obtain. For example, if you simulate the Novice you will see Basic Skill, Act Dead and First Aid. Now if you choose Swordman, there will be more skills on the skill simulator. This is how the RO skill simulator helps you most because you can look at different sub-class options and see what skills you would give if you choose to sub that particular job. This allows you to see all of your job and skill options without any risk or wasted time in game.