Ragnarok Online Guild, RO Guild

Ragnarok Online Guild & RO Guild

If you have played an MMO like Ragnarok Online before, then you probably already have experience with guilds. A RO guild, like guilds in other games, can enhance your skills, make your character strong and even make playing the game more fun. Ragnarok Online has a unique guild system that allows for forming small communities and groups of like-minded players to enhance the game. The guild system helps you prepare for the War of Emperium and your guild will want to skill up to participate in this.

If you are in a guild already, then you may know how to see certain stats and information about your Ragnarok guild from within the game. You can learn more about your Ragnarok Online guild status with the shortcut command- Alt + G. This opens your guild window in game and gives you important RO guild information such as the name, the emblem, the level and the experience. This is also the window which guild masters use to manage their guild, members and other details.

There are roles for every player in a Ragnarok guild. You can expand with your guild skills and the only guilds allowed to participate in the War of Emperium are those with the “Official Guild Approval” skill. If you are interested in starting your own RO guild, you can do so with an “Emperium” which is an ore-like item. The next step is to create an emblem and tell people about your new guild.

The Ragnarok Online guild emblem allows you to create a design and display it by uploading to the Emblem folder of your game directory. Now you can begin recruiting players to join your guild and begin many exciting game activities together.