Ragnarok Online Characters, RO Characters

Ragnarok Online Characters & RO Characters

If you are going to play Ragnarok Online, the first thing you are going to encounter is your RO character. You must create your very first character before you can begin to play inside the world of Ragnarok. When you first download the game and begin to play, you will be given a character screen and the option to create your first Ragnarok Online character. There are different options of what you can look like and you can choose to be male or female. Whichever one you choose, however, will be what all of your characters will have to be as Ragnarok does not allow one account to have toons of different sexes.

When you choose your RO character, you will start off as a novice. Then you can become a super novice and once you reach level 10, you can choose your class. You can also choose your attributes at this time. If you already know the class you’re planning to be, it will help with your attributes. What is your Ragnarok Online character class? There are six basic classes for you to choose from and each one has two sub-classes for you to select as well. This allows you more variation on your RO character.

You control your RO character using your mouse, keyboard and various in-game settings and controls. Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about the different RO characters or your own Ragnarok Online character and what is available to you, there are also Ragnarok Online character simulators which let you see the different characters without having to make one every time and level it up. Your Ragnarok Online character is how you will navigate throughout the game, play and experience all that the world of Ragnarok has to offer.