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Ragnarok Online Character, RO Character

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In Ragnarok Online your character begins its journey as a Novice and as their name indicates they are newbie characters who by gaining experience on their journey and completing the necessary tutorials will be able to move up in ranks. When reaching the highly anticipated 9th level the journey truly begins and they are able to move unto their first job unless of course they choose the path of a Super Novice.

There are a total of 39 Ragnarok Online job classes to choose from which are divided into 6 categories. Each RO Class is unique and what job you choose will determine your strengths and weaknesses, what skills they will have, and what RO guilds they’ll be able to join. All the different possibilities and decisions to make can be a little profound especially to newer players. There are, however, numerous guides, cheats, programs, and tips that can mean the world of difference in whether you’re going to be stuck as a Novice for weeks or if you'll be able to move onto the sought after Transcendent classes within days.

The choice is yours whether you’re going to be able to get the high level Ragnarok Online job you want or be left behind stumbling around in Rune Midgard for months as a mere newbie. To excel at your job and move up in class take advantage of the resources that will help you make it happen. Clicking the link below is the first step to creating a RO character that is envied by all.